Steam VS Origin

It seems I have had a 100 thoughts cross… hold on, time to get some music going for the right mood. I have been feeling the trance/techno bit as of late which gives me a reason to dig through more of that Moby I acquired some time ago and never really bothered with. Yeah, there we go.

Anyways, I had at least a 100 thoughts all with that feeling of “hmm it would be cool to babble about that for a bit.”  Naturally, that doesn’t really work out so good when I am at work. I really don’t need anything else distracting me there. Now what were some of those thoughts…. The only really big one that still comes to mind right now is the question I want to post on the Trashedgamer facebook to poll the community on their feelings. What with EA launching their online store service Origin and not quite stating but still making it clear that they don’t intend to allow Steam to sell anything they produce, what does that mean for sales of their games, specifically Battlefield 3?

The best way to look at this seems to be a comparison of PC sales of games like Rage and Skyrim which are both being sold on Steam and likely not on Origin to Battlefield 3 which will be sold pretty much everywhere BUT Steam.  I can’t help wondering whether this will put a pretty dramatic dent in EA’s sales because of just how big the user base of Steam is in comparison to Origin.

Alternatively, it does seem to be a solid way to kick start an online service of this nature. Essentially, that is exactly how Valve launched Steam. They put out Halflife 2 and said, you need Steam to play this, period, done. It was an asshole move at the time and I hated them for it since downloading the REST of the game from the internet on dial-up internet was utter bullshit when I had a box copy sitting on my desk and CDs (<– see that, its plural, as in five fucking CDs because I didn’t have a DVD-ROM at the time) . Here we are though, what is it, like 6 years later, and I have over 100 games on Steam and occasionally find myself rebuying games on Steam that I already have console versions of (usually PS2 era, but I do have some 360 games in common with my Steam account). Attitudes change I suppose, is the punch line to that one. Well that and I have the same opinion of Steam as many others “Dear god no, not another Steam sale, I haven’t finished playing the ones I bought during the la….OOOOOOO OOO OOOOOOOHHH LOOK AT HOW CHEAP THAT IS!!!”

Now I must admit that I have looked at Origin and it doesn’t disgusted me utterly or even appear as an obvious attempt to dethrone Steam. Don’t get me wrong, it obviously exists to take Steam down a peg, because EA sees monies moving that they don’t get all of and that just doesn’t roll with their world domination plans. Hell, they have been quoted as saying that they expect to be the #1 digital distributor in a years time. Come on now, why not just say it, we want to replace Steam. They have also played it smart and went DRM free, which is like complaint #1 about Steam, thus nobody will be able to play the “But I already use Steam and I don’t want to have two of these god damn programs running.” They even have a selection of free stuff, now if they can throw in sickeningly tempting periodic and possibly even themed sales, they will be rubbing shoulders with Steam at the “we take all your money” table in no time.

In the end, I am pretty sure that I will be purchasing Battlefield 3 and if my current tastes are any indication, I will be using Origin since I just don’t like dealing with packaging. Damn you EA, you win…you get my money even though I know it is just going to fuel your assassination of Steam and continue your conquest of the gaming industry. Its hard to say no when they made all the right moves here, you know?

I think I’m going to call that a wrap for day one, maybe tweak the title a bit to make it specific and do some tagging stuff to keep this in some sort of organization and call it good.  More ranting to come.


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