Dwarf Fortress and Me

I am currently obsessed with Dwarf Fortress. I struggle to play it pretty much at all, but I am utterly fascinated by what it is. I enjoy reading stories people have written recounting their exploits in the dwarf fortress universe and I have even begun listening to the monthly dwarf talk podcast where the developer chats with two other people about the game and his plans for it. I wish I was better at the game and that I had the patience to learn. Currently, I am creeping forward in my understanding of its controls and just how the game operates. I don’t spend much time on it since I started to near the end of the wiki’s quickstart tutorial. I have found many others that I would like to begin working with; so I have other places to continue my learning from.

All this started when I found an article about the game and Tarn Adams (the programmer) originally posted on the New York Times that had been reposted on either PC Gamer or Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The article explained the gist of the game and its stigma in the gaming community and went into detail about Tarn’s life.  It was fascinating to see just how devoted he is to the game and that was captivating and inspiring.  Even from what little was explained in the article, it was clear that the depth of the game is simply unmatched and that it was worth checking out.

At that stage I had previously downloaded the game and run it for a few minutes and then stashed it in my ever growing “I’ll figure this out later” pile. After reading the article I was inspired to give it another shot, this time using the wiki to help me decipher the alien language that is an ASCII game. I’m not certain how much time I have logged into the game, probably less than 15 hours, but as I approached the end of the tutorial I began to waver in my desire to continue. I couldn’t help wondering what I would strive for once the tutorial was done helping me set up a self-sufficient fortress. The game has since worked its way back to the back burner, already crowded with other games and game projects. It is far from forgotten however, as I continue to be fascinated with the game; actively seek out literature and the podcasts.

I have decided that I want to add a persistent section to my posts in which I describe the various things that I am currently working on or otherwise involved in. I believe the format will change a little as I iron out how I want it to work, but I believe it will help jump start my posts in the future.

Currently listening to: nothing

Currently playing: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Minecraft, Terraria, and Team Fortress 2, and some other tidbits of games here and there (several of those are ongoing games: minecraft and tf2 and I think I will make them assumed in later posts)

Current thoughts: Thinking about camping this weekend, about what I want to play now, about how warm the rum & coke feels in my stomach, and dwarf fortress.

I would say thats another one in the books. One of these days I might link some people to these and see if its worthwhile.


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