ADD Week 1

Week 1


Relevant games this week:

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mass Effect, Saints Row: The Third, Realm of the Mad God, Minecraft, Starcraft II, Misc. others, Steam Organization

Its been a seriously ADD week in games for me. I am in between games that I am really into at the moment so I am in search of one that I want to devote my time to. Its a real shame because I am almost done with the story of Saints Row and I want to finish that before I lose all focus and go scrambling off to a hundred other things and maybe, just maybe come back to it in some amount of time between two weeks and two years.

Saints Row has been enjoyable. I like the characters, I like my character and I like the world they all inhabit. The weapons are fairly similar to other open world games, with some exception, but explosions have a really good punch to this, which I suspect is the DX11. I enjoy driving about, causing random chaos in the game as well. Its particularly satisfying knowing that at any time when I get tired of being hounded by swat teams and roadblocks that I can just beeline for a property that I own. At the same time I can use that as an objective too. As in “Ok these guys are about to kill me, I wonder if I can make it back to *this particular hideout* before I die.” I was concerned initially when the game was less amazing than all the hype, but after experiencing lots of the moments that ended up being a bit of a disappointment and then looking back I smile and think “Wow, that really was awesome.”

Revelations was a 1/2 off sale purchase from Steam purely because I have been hungering for the multiplayer and with its release Brotherhood’s seems to be a wasteland (more so than before). That and I do want to see how things wrap up, or don’t as reviews seem to suggest.  The multiplayer can be brutally unforgiving as you get utterly destroyed by guys who have prestiged 4 times and have powers to nullify your abilities and see you from across the map. On the flip side, killing other players is always extremely satisfying.  The experience is all the better when its a revenge kill where they never saw you coming and you score some crazy amount of points for it. I have only spent a little bit of time with the singleplayer campaign so far.  I have played one of the dreaded tower defense sequences and while they aren’t great and the idea is very contrived, they are not so horrid that they have to be avoided at all costs. That being said, I am not sure how many more I will do in the future.

I have also been jumping into Mass Effect again, in my efforts to both go through the campaign as a male shepard to hear his lines and to create a character I can import into Mass Effect 2 and then possibly the third one. Mass Effect 3 was technically released yesterday but I can wait for a price drop as I have in the past.  I have gone with the default shepard with his scar moved I think and vanguard as a class.  I think it has been long enough since my two and a half playthroughs on the Xbox360 that the game feels different enough that I might actually finish it out.  I am currently saved just after rescuing Ashley, my banging target of choice this time, and hope to have more progress by next week.

Realm of the Mad God has become my go-to game for a quickie bit of fun.  It works well because my girlfriend also enjoys it and we can play together. As a student she has more time to play so she has actually gotten further than me. I think she likes that since I am normally the expert on a game and she has to follow my lead. Well except for Dwarf Fortress, but I have stepped away from that one with the excuse of not having the motivation to learn it or the time to play it. I like it, its stupid dumb fun that goes well with music and is really easy to feel accomplished after only a few minutes of gameplay. I am currently working on unlocking the Assassin class, which requires a level 20 wizard and a level 20 rogue character. At the time of this post I have the level 20 wizard and am working on earning fame to complete the character quests.

A couple quick mentions of Minecraft and Starcraft 2 since I did play a bit of both, well in the case of Minecraft it was mostly attempting to play and constant crashes ending that quickly. I downloaded the Starcraft 2 starter edition which lets me do some singleplayer missions and custom matches online. Its fun, but I am not interested in paying 60 bucks for that when I know if I finish the singleplayer campaign I will lose interest in getting destroyed online. It would be fun to have my friend who is a crazy dedicated player teach me a bit, he seems willing, but ultimately I don’t want to waste his time. On top of those two, I jumped into a few other games, but never for long and not long enough to note or remember really.

Lastly, I spent some time reorganizing my steam game library. I have added a “Quick” category for stuff that is really easy to jump in and out of and a “New” category instead of just piling stuff in the default “Games” category where unsorted games end up. Shifted some of my favorites around to include stuff I am currently playing. I want to spend more time working on this but Steam has not made this process very easy and its frustrating that they haven’t improved it since they introduced it.

Anyways, that’s my first post. I had a bunch to get through this week so it was less in depth than I intend to be. So hopefully, next week I will have played less and I can write more about each. I will continue to tweak this so it works out more how I would like and in the mean time I will continue to play games.


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