I HAVE RETURNED! Dramatics aside, I have decided to take another crack at this whole blogging thing. The daily blog was clearly too ambitious and quickly moved from regular posting to weekly posting on to special topic posting to finally no posting in the span of a couple weeks.

The major hitch ended up being that I was continuously in debate over what I wanted to tell the world of my personal life and what I didn’t. Eventually, I decided that I didn’t want to chronicle my life on the internet, no matter how boring it might really be.

Thus back to the whole having returned thing. VIDEO GAMES! I like them, I play them, often, and more specifically I listen to a lot of podcasts related to them. While I don’t have the hardware or the motivation to record myself or myself and a group chatting about games, I do want to write more, thus why not write about them on some regular basis. Video games blogging, its a thing…I want to start doing it, lets see how that goes.


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