More Focused Week 2

Week 2

3/8 to 3/15

Relevant games this week: Saints Row: The Third, Final Fantasy X, Mass Effect 3 PS3 Demo,, Mass Effect, Minecraft, Misc. games

Old business:

I realized during the week that last week I forgot to write about the new Deus Ex games despite having mentioned it in my games of the week list. In retrospect, I had played very little of it in comparison to other games and all said it was maybe half an hour’s worth.

Also, I am posting this on a Friday, again despite my plans to post on Thursdays. I totally forgot yesterday even though I had been looking forward to it all week. I have made the extra effort to make sure this gets done however.


Week 2, for real this time:

I finished Saints Row this week, twice. I completed it once for the happy ending and then last night again for the less happy ending without space travel. Both endings were amazing although I had serious performance problems getting to the end last night. Further problems today while booting up Skyrim for my girlfriend revealed that it was likely related to the newest version of AMD’s Catalyst drivers. I rolled them back and now Skyrim looks fine, so I can only assume, that Saints Row will run better as well. Anyways, all that I have left is activities and challenges in the world. The game is insane, and still lots of fun. I will enjoy popping in to pick away at all the stuff I have left to do, but I think I won’t be making an effort to hammer through it. I do need to do a second play through as a different character to get different decision achievements. We shall see what the future holds, I am fairly confident I won’t be buying any DLC for it however.

While my girlfriend was using my computer (my primary gaming platform) to play Skyrim I have started booting the old PS2 for nostalgia and to finish off some old games I never did get all the way through. The second one hasn’t really panned out, but the nostalgia is there and it is pretty great. At least until I popped in Final Fantasy X, after growing bored with Megaman X Collection, Freedom Fighters and Final Fantasy VIII. I never finished Final Fantasy X and after putting about 2 hours into another playthrough, I regret it immensely. Final Fantasy X is a great game. I have thus far really enjoyed the narration and I am still getting refamiliarized with the gameplay and characters. I want to keep playing it, maybe it will even make it into my weekly gaming stuff and not just a few hours on the weekend while somebody else stares vacantly at my computer monitors besides me.

Last weekend I also downloaded the Mass Effect 3 demo on my PS3 and finally got around to playing it this week at some point. First and foremost, I CANNOT stand the control scheme on the playstation controller. It makes no sense to me and combined that with what felt like such a different game and a reaper attack on a city, I wasn’t really in my element. I definitely missed my keyboard and the layout that had…which was that my mouse did everything and the keyboard was used for moving and that was about it. I have heard complaints that they have sacrificed the writing quality to make the game more welcoming to new players. Also the introduction of plot mechanics to make the game have a point for apparently no reason seems to have a few people up in arms as well. I have yet to see all this and still want to play it as no matter what they say, its still a Mass Effect game and they are always fun.

Speaking of Mass Effect, I have continued to play through the first game, now with actual conviction. I am now playing through more than the first twenty minutes and restarting because my character looks hideous or I changed my mind about wanting to play a dude because I think Jennifer Hale does a better job with the voice acting. Anyways, I am playing the male generic Shepard as a vanguard (yes, I changed my mind again…) and have just had my first meeting with the council where you are petitioning for Saren’s Spectare status to be revoked. I am currently in the process of recruiting the aliens off the Citadel, I have Wrex and am on the way to get Tali. Speaking of this, a quick side tangent: It was great to see and hear Wrex in the Mass Effect 3 demo, end tangent. I want to take a critical path through the game since I have already beaten it twice on the Xbox 360, but I find myself exploring and asking questions about topics in conversation even though I already know the answers. I think it has been long enough since my last time through that I can enjoy the game again and not just in the nostalgic rush through to the second and third one. I like the voice acting, it is still great, and with the high resolution texture pack installed the game doesn’t look like total ass. Prior to the pack installation though, conversation was kind of painful as that game was not meant to be rendered at 1920X1080 or whatever my resolution is. I will continue playing this next week.

Quick Minecraft update as well. I got it working by blowing away my entire minecraft directory and having it redownloaded by the client. I haven’t made much progress on anything but I feel the addiction in the back of my mind and if I also didn’t want to play 1000 other games, I can tell I would be perfectly happy spending hours punching trees and building little hovels. The multiplayer server I play on recently had trouble with griefers and reverted back to an earlier save from about a week ago, which was before I had gotten in and established myself in my little cave by a jungle. So last time I went in I made my boats and am currently despawned in a bay prior to my high seas adventure to untouched jungle lands. Also, did I mention I like the new jungle biome? Its pretty sweet, it makes the whole Ewok village thing a viable setup… I am totally going to build one. I am neither the first nor the last to do so I am sure. But mine will be special: it will almost never be built and probably only occasionally envisioned, assuming I never get truly motivated at least or my girlfriend doesn’t start playing again.

Lastly, I played a few random things for a bit here and there. I spent some time in Left 4 Dead 2 getting destroyed in versus mode, more Realm of the Mad God with my girlfriend and little bits of other stuff that I am sure is there, I just can’t recall. As always, more to come next week.


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