Short Week 3

Week 3

3/16 to 3/22

Relevant games this week: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (double exp weekend), Game Dev Story, Skyrim (civil war), Minecraft (derp squid), Misc. games

Old Business: No old business for this week I think.  Posting on Thursday despite desires to put this off and just blow off steam with gaming however, so I am proud of that.

I put another couple hours into Assassin’s Creed: Revelations multiplayer this week. They were having a double experience weekend so I ended up leveling up a whole bunch, which made all of it that much more entertaining. I am still enjoying the structure of multiplayer and my girlfriend enjoys watching me play as well. I asked her about what she likes about it and it sounds like spectators get a very similar experience as players with the suspense of being hunted and the thrill of the kill.  Ubisoft was having server problems earlier in the week otherwise I would have logged more than just a handful of hours this week. While the servers were down I put some more time into the singleplayer and made it far enough to learn about bomb crafting, which was a bit feature they were pimping during the lead up coverage. At this point, its all still overwhelming and I am not even sure how useful or even necessary most of the bomb crafting even is. I do intend to spend time playing with it as I like the concept and most the systems around it. There is still the matter of actually using the bombs during the game outside of their tutorials. I can see uses for some of them, but I will have to wait and see how good they work. More on this next week.

Instead of playing Final Fantasy X while my girlfriend was on the computer with Skyrim like I had planned, I instead played Game Dev Story for over two hours straight.  If you haven’t heard of this game its a mobile game that got popular on IOS and was later ported to Android. Basically you run a independent game development studio for 20 years.  Its fun and addictive and really great for quick plays when I have a couple minutes here and there to put a little work into it. Thus far it is the only game I have purchased off the Android market thing and at $2.50 it was a good deal considering I had went through the first 5 year demo twice and wanted to keep going.  My plan had been to play that for a bit and then switch to Final Fantasy, but it was always just one more thing and eventually when I did turn it off for the night because my cell phone was just about dead, it was too late to start another game anyways.

I finally went back to Skyrim! I wanted to check out all the mods I had downloaded while my girlfriend was over. Steam makes it so easy to just shop through the steam workshop and pick out cool stuff to try out. I mostly downloaded little stuff to fix or enhance things, like removing Lydia’s trade responses, adding fast travel points to owned homes, extra ambient sounds and tweaking the enchanting so there are no restrictions. Once I was in, I went through the rest of the civil war quest line and got Ulfric crowned or whatever. In general, I enjoyed it, especially raiding various cities, although I had to bump up the combat difficulty to make slaughtering the defending army at least mildly challenging for my way over leveled character.  I intend to return and stomp through the main quest so I can say I did that. Afterwards I plan to restart with either a mage character first or a pure warrior character and then the mage and run through the relevant side quest lines with those characters. After that I am not sure what will come next, I plan to table it for awhile but Elder Scrolls games have a tendency to do as they will with your time so I am not making any promises, including to even follow through my addition character plans.

One last bit about Minecraft, I tried to put some more time into that one as well. I am currently living out of a crappy hole in a jungle hillside near a friend’s giant desert palace.  I have yet to discover any food resources natural to the jungles but I have not put much time into getting set up either. I had once recently found my current hidey hole after my previous sailing trip went poorly. Just a pro tip for anyone new to Minecraft and really getting into the sailing aspects of the game: Don’t run over the squid floating on the surface (derp squid as my friends have dubbed them). It is instant death if you run them over with your boat. So now I am huddled in my jungle hole, starving to death and contemplating breaking into my neighbor’s palace and stealing some of his bread…

Week three in the bag, more next week!


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