Busy Week 5

Week 5

3/30 to 4/5

Relevant games this week: Tomb Raider: Underworld, Skyrim, Phone games, Gotham City Imposters, Misc. games

Other Business: Forgot to post on Thursday again. Most of this was written on Friday afternoon during long loads on my computer at work, I just got busy on Friday evening and forgot to finish it up and actually post it.  I am also going to start writing this up in chunks throughout the week so I don’t feel like I need to commit so much of my Thursday evening to this write up.

Tomb Raider: Underworld

I put another few hours into Tomb Raider this week. I am still enjoying the platforming and most of the puzzles, but I have had a couple of stuck points where I resorted to the hint system and even then was unsure until I stumbled upon the solution. I also wish it would telegraph which edges Lara cannot cling to better. Frequently, she will spaz out on a cliff edge when I get her close to it and then she steps off to her death. I have started using that spazing as an indication of edges she can’t hang on, but it seems kind of strange that her model bouncing off an invisible, simi-solid wall is what I have to look for. The combat has continued to be pretty dull up until I have started fighting zombies, yes ancient zombies that jump out of pools of glowing blue water. I like fighting them because they don’t soak up a ton of ammo with no signs of taking damage like other enemies and the kick attack seems somewhat effective against them. As a result, I can mix up my combat with jumps and kicks between the volleys of shotgun blasts instead of just holding down the fire button and running backwards until they stop moving. The plot is still kind of dumb, but I like anything that explains the powers of ancient gods with advanced technology, so that is sweet. I want to finish it to say I have completed it, but also out of vague curiosity about where it will end. I heard some off-handed spoiler somewhere about Ghost Mom, so that should be hilarious and dumb as hell.


Skyrim has become that game that I pick away at for an hour here or there. Alternatively, I play it while I am watching a video on my other screen and just screw around with mods or side quests. As a result of this trend in my Skyrim gaming, I have made very little actual progress in the main quest since last week. I seemed to have reached a point where new spells I have never seen before are being used against me. I got utterly destroyed a bunch of times by a Falmer Shadowmaster in the Blackreach who that what I have to guess is a third tier ice spell. In order to kill him I had to equip all the cold resistance gear I had (a necklace…) and use the cold resistance potion I carry around for this very reason. Even then, I barely made it through the fight. I can officially say that I made it out of the Blackreach and have no intention of going back. I think I finished all the side quests down there, but I can’t be sure without checking the wiki, and I don’t really want to do them so I won’t be checking to see what I missed. (Hurray for circular logic!) I will continue working my way through in the future! If for no other reason than to stay ahead of my girlfriend’s progress…

Phone Games

While waiting for my girlfriend to finish cleaning at her father’s office, I booted up the little freebie emulator I downloaded on my phone for a bit. The novelty of playing Super Nintendo games on my phone is starting to wear thin, but I am still tempted to pay the five bucks to get access to save states and start working my way through old SNES games I never finished like Secret of Mana. Especially since Game Dev Story is not holding my interest as much as my first full playthrough did. The replayable stuff they added to the game makes me want to run through it at least once more, but I guess I haven’t been invested enough to keep going, or really had the opportunity. More on this at a later date.

Gotham City Imposters

A friend of mine bought me a copy of Gotham City Imposters this past weekend. As side from broken matchmaking that is basically the equivalent of flipping a coin whether or not you will get into a server, the game is a lot of fun.  At its core, Imposters is a Call of Duty clone. However, the game pulls it off very well so its refreshing since I haven’t really put time into a COD-like multiplayer since the first Modern Warfare.  Layered in on and around the Call of Duty aspects is a very clever and silly sense of humor that is revealed through the multitude of gadgets and weapons that are very unlike COD games.  Ninja swords, bear traps, invisibility potions and grapple guns are only a few of the silly extras in the game.  Speaking of the grapple gun, this game has an amazing sense of freedom of movement.  The designers included a wide variety of ways to augment the generic run and sprint movement that is so common now, including the previously mentioned grapple gun, a glider, roller skates and a couple bouncy shoe things.  The result is that most maps have a surprising verticality to them that is rare in a corridor shooter.  Within the Call of Duty flavor of the game there is still plenty of room for imbalances (ninja swords and roller skates, or three round burst rocket launchers) but generally teams have seemed fairly even so total destruction of one side or the other is rare.  That being said, they have adopted a massive amount of microtransaction in this game. Any of the costume pieces that you can earn and unlock can be outright purchased for real cash through the Steam store. It doesn’t really bother me, but it is very prevalent and the number of players running around with the slutty Arkham City  mini-Catwoman “mascot” that floats over your character’s head is astounding.  Most games I play in have at least two people per team with Catwoman floating near them.  Anyways, I will keep on playing for awhile as I like to watch the level up and check out the stats which the game does a good job of tracking. More next week!


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