Back to Diablo – Week 11

Games Played: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Diablo 3, Misc. Games: Minecraft, Mass Effect 3, Sanctum,

Other Business: I want to start being more concise with my writing since I know nobody wants to even look at it when its just dense blocks of text. If I am trying to keep them short, I will be better about editing and thus the quality should also improve, at least in theory. Also, I plan to be more diligent about posting screenshots along with the blog, but that definitely didn’t happen this week.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
I came back to Ass Rev this weekend with the specific intention of not playing the multiplayer and just trying to make good progress through the game story. I failed in my attempts. I instead spent about two hours or so training my assassin’s and screwing around with the bomb making. I find the whole Pokémon/Risk element of the Mediterranean battle map or whatever its called to be a bit addictive. Typically, I end up sending all my assassin dudes out and then just running around the city alternating between paying off heralds to stop talking about the ongoing genocide of all guards of the city and conducting genocide on every group of guards I run into. After about five minutes or so, my assassin’s finish their missions and I head to the nearest assassin’s den to send them out again. I did play one or two story missions and made it to a new chapter…I don’t remember what is going on. At one point I was interested in the Assassin’s Creed story and was looking forward to this game, but I just can’t get motivated to play it. What with recent release of Diablo 3, I really doubt next week will hold much more Assassin’s Creed for me.

Diablo 3
Apparently, it has been 12 years or so since Diablo 2 was released and I started sinking my life into it. I can remember searching Google for Diablo 3 news some five or so years after release and being disheartened by finding exactly nothing. Fast forward and BOOM, Diablo 3 is here, its released and …uh yeah who would have thought that whole always online thing would mean that the servers would overload and keep people out of the game? I felt especially good about my decision to sleep instead of stay up for the midnight release when I woke up the next morning and read about all the server problems. Honestly though, I am not surprised and only mildly annoyed by the servers preventing me from playing. I came home on Tuesday after work and booted up my computer so it would be set by the time I was done putting stuff away and so on. The first thing that popped up was the Diablo 3 splash screen and then the game loaded right into the opening cinematic. At first I was blown away that my computer would just start booting this newly released game by itself, plus it sounded really cool in my head to say “my computer knows what’s coming.” Once I thought about it for a bit, I remembered accidently hitting the play button on the launcher the night before and it just kind of freezing there. At the time I had just shrugged and click the X in the corner before putting my computer to sleep. Turns out when the game went live, the launcher activated and was set to go as soon as my computer came on again. Kind of cool, even if it was purely accidental. I got about two or so hours of game time on Tuesday before they took the servers down for emergency maintenance and another few hours on Wednesday having to fight the server issues a little to get in. Once you are in, man, its Diablo and I am glad to be back. The first character I made was a Barbarian named MrSlapHappy, which is the name and class of the first character I took onto Battlenet with Diablo 2 in 2000 or 2001 and the name I eventually took as my internet screenname. Its fun and I can’t wait to get back in game, so I am going to go do that.

Misc. Games:

I have started playing more and more Minecraft while I watch videos and stuff. The hollow mountain that is my residence now has doors and a long stairwell down to bedrock and some mining tunnels.

I played more Sanctum with my girlfriend. We are still having a good time with it. We last completed the Arc level on Normal with 10 waves. Between the two of us, we have about 5 or so attempts on that level so it was nice to finally finish that.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
I played another few hours of Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer this weekend. I mostly spent time getting my Batarian Sentinel leveled up. Currently, I believe he is level 12 or so and I have defaulted to assault rifle and shotgun after a brief run with a sniper rifle and assault rifle. As much as I was playing that class to get a break from that weapon set up on my soldier, playing anything else but those weapons seems like playing the character wrong since most of his abilities are close range. After that I decided to get the last level on my Soldier class, which looks like I need to play it about three or so more missions. Then, he maxes out and I guess I get to import it into my singleplayer campaign or something. I want to at least figure out what that is about.


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