Dwarf Fortress Journal

8/18/11 Here is where I shall enact my fiendish plot to document my progress on a game. It just seems natural to start one for my DF exploits. Also, its probably the only game that I am currently playing where a journal of events makes sense. I plan to do a quickie overview and then jump on into the regular updates. I figure I can just keep a running page of these. The alternative is to create a whole new plot and that seems excessive. So more to come.

Ok, this is the first entry in my little journal of events here, it is not however, the beginning of this particular fortress. I will continue my current fortress as it has most the essentials already established and has not miserably crashed and burned yet. This is my first fortress, which I used the dwarf fortress wiki’s quick start page to get started. The fortress currently spans 9 levels, with a few in the center just being interconnecting stairwells as per the instructions in the wiki. The bottom floor is my recently created tomb/crypt/catacombs as one of my weaponsmiths went insane and died of thirst after not having the right workshop to complete her artifact. Even if I would have had a weaponsmithing shop, I really doubt I would have had the materials she would have demanded anyways. I have only survived about 2 years in this game so far with few if any really interesting events occurring. The major highlights of this adventure were the discovery of the massive cavern under my fortress and the death of that weaponsmith. There was a caravan too but I misunderstood how that worked and I am pretty sure I ordered a bunch of stuff I dont want and won’t be able to pay for when they return. I believe the humans or the elves have arrived recently and I have yet to hear from them.


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